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specialist productontwikkeling en industriele design industriel Diable électrique, pour Interbrew Daniel Steenhaut, aménagement de plusieurs itinéraires scénographiés sur les différents Terrils à Saint-Nicolas.
Daniel Steenhaut, aménagement de plusieurs itinéraires scénographiés sur les différents Terrils à Saint-Nicolas.
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Product design

Productdesign:A sun bench, garden lighting, vases,  housing for electronic equipment, fishing equipment…...
You name it, we design it!

Furniture design :Residential furniture, office furniture, project furniture…..
Graphic design :
Leaflets, brochures, house styles…….
Technical graphics :Technical drawings, exploded views, instructions for use
Computer graphics :Computer graphics, computer animations, virtual images….
Prototype building :Prototype building in PUR, MDF of CAD stereolithografie
Moulds for vacum forming.

Contact us !We look forward to work with you!
Contact us via email at

Skap bvba
Eindhovenlaan, 10
B 3500 Hasselt

Phone: 00-32-11 21 29 40
Fax: 00-32-11 22 05 86

IOL Strategic Design
Av. de Stalingrad, 11 1000 Brussels
Tel : 02/5005774
Fax : 02/5119367
ANDY JACOBS DESIGN Andy Jacobs design

What can we offer you?

Our business comprises:
Integral Product Development: The full process and all disciplines necessary to create a successful product starting from an idea.
Engineering: the complete engineering of products: mechanics, material choice, production method, etc.
Strategic development: During the entire development cycle, we stay in close contact with our customers and help them in making the right choices. Each development should be founded on thorough strategic choices. Some of the services include, defining: market positioning, company image, product envisioning, quality and innovation level.
Concept development: One of the strengths of Achilles Associates is “conceptual thinking”. The basis of any driven innovation has its foundations in a creative and well-founded concept.
Production: The complete organisation and management of the production. This includes the choice of suppliers, mould makers, etc. for production in Europe but also in Asia (see our partnership in China).

Achilles Associates
Borchtstraat 30
B-2800 Mechelen
road map Routebeschrijving via site Achilles

tel: +32 (0)15-41 02 72
fax: +32 (0)15-42 14 23


Product Development / Interior /architectuur
Michael Kruijne
+32(0)496 287 149

Product Design & Project management

Product Design & Project management

Boomgaardstraat 140
2600 Antwerp Belgium

prototype traktie

All-in-all industrial DESIGN STUDIO
Industrial Design : you name it, we draw it ; consumer electronics, medical, para-medical, automotive, interior design, furniture,  ...
Graphic Design : desktop editing & freehand rendering, illustrations, advertising, manuals, webdesign, corporate ID...
Management: We will look after any sub-division in your production-process, whether you give us a rough sketch to start with, whether production has already started and you need, let's say ; a specialized tool for assembly... we will provide it on very short terms.
Adress :
Petrus Productdesign,
Heusdenstraat 1
B-3800 Sint-Truiden
++32 11 69 56 13


Tom de Vrieze
Conceptual furniture design for manufacturers/serial production//prototype building, financial study

Bosdorp 11/5
9190 Stekene
+32 485 12 11 83

- interior - furniture - lighting - graphics -
- interior - furniture - lighting - graphics -
Tom Van Houtte
product design & development
aliaz productdesign
Leopoldstraat 65
2000 Antwerpen b11
mobile: +32 (0)486 281 644


New Product Development is a key corporate asset, essential to establishing and extending brands, transforming new technologies into usable products, and bridging company identities and consumer loyalties. New Product Development and Innovation is a business strategy, a way of gaining competitive advantage in the marketplace for products and services.
And isn’t that key in running a successful business today?

Maxime Szyf (Managing partner • Creative Director)
Gert Verschueren (Managing partner • Strategic Planning)

MAXIMALdesign bvba
Willem Lepelstraat 24
B-2000 Antwerp
tel. +32 (0)3 289 66 41
fax +32 (0)3 289 66 51

Outside België

Widianto UTOMO Widianto UTOMO
designer, widianto utomo
latitude 8'S, 116'E
mobile (24/7) +62 85 859 060 350
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